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Catch Up on Season 1

Diner stops and real talk. The voice of farmers — not politicians or promise-makers — just honest conversation about agriculture’s biggest issues: technology, policy, labor, the consumer… Nothing is off limits.

Want a seat at the table?

We want to expand the table for next season and we’re looking for outspoken, opinionated farmers to join us! Do you know someone who would be a perfect addition to The Farmers’ Table? Maybe it's you! We’re in search of varied opinions, backgrounds, experience and locations.

Season 1 Videos


Ep 1: Sustainability - What Does It Mean?


Ep 2: Carbon Credits - Are They Worth It?


Ep 3: Technology - New School vs. Old School?


Ep 4: Supply Chain - How Far Does the Impact Go?


Ep 5: Grain Markets -  High Prices vs. Shrinking Margins?


Ep 6: Ethanol - Has the Demand Peaked?


Ep 7: At the Bank - Is Financing Going to Be Harder?

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Host & Cast

Andrew McCrea


Host, Farmer

In addition to being an author, radio and tv broadcaster, and journalist, Andrew McCrea continues to manage and work on his family’s 3,500-acre ranch in Northwest Missouri.

Between managing row crop production (corn and soybeans) and checking cattle on horseback, Andrew diligently tracks down the latest news to share with the American people.

Bill Came

Salina, Kansas

Since 1903, the Came family has been farming the same Kansas land. Bill Came, along with his two siblings, Chad and Darcy, work hard to ensure that Came Farms will be a lasting legacy.

Came Farms aims to be a large, profitable grain and cow-calf operation through the use of technology, efficiency and good business management. They want to be the farm of choice for landowners.

Caleb Hamer

Hudson, Iowa

Caleb Hamer is the son of Ted Hamer and a fourth-generation farmer. He is the co-owner of B & H Ag Services in Hudson, Iowa, a row-crop and custom farming operation, growing corn and soybeans.

Ted Hamer

Hudson, Iowa

Ted began his farming career in 1983, growing corn, soybeans and raising livestock, which he did until the mid-90s. Ted’s son Caleb came back to the farm in 2008, and in 2019, Caleb & his business partner bought Ted out.

Today, the 3 of them farm as B&H Ag Services. B&H has grown to approximately 3,800 acres of corn soybeans and seed production, as well as for-hire custom farming.

Layne Miles

McGehee, Arkansas

Layne Miles is the son of Matt Miles. Along with his wife Ryane, he farms 10,700 acres of irrigated corn, soybeans, cotton and rice in McGehee, Arkansas.

Layne has been farming for six years and was recently named the District Farm Family of the Year for the Southeast District of Arkansas.

Matt Miles

McGehee, Arkansas

Matt Miles is a fourth-generation farmer who began is operation in 1989. Matt is always working to find a more sustainable and better way to farm that not only benefits his family, but the environment as well.

With his family and a team of dedicated employees behind him, Matt has set several state records and won awards in multiple crops, including being named the 2015 Soybean Farmer of the Year.

Dennis Wentworth

Le Roy, Illinois

The Wentworth family has been farming in Central Illinois about 160 years. Today, Dennis Wentworth keeps that tradition alive by providing the latest in crop production, farm management and soil stewardship.

The family-owned and -operated farm grows corn and soybeans in Central Illinois.

Krystal Doolittle

Williams, Iowa

Krystal Doolittle lives and works on a corn and soybean farm with her husband in Williams, Iowa. She is deeply involved with agriculture in the state, serving as a member of American Agri-Women since 2015.

Krystal has taken an active role in educating consumers and legislators about the importance of agriculture and knowing where and how food is grown.

Kyle Samp

Moberly, Missouri

Previously working as an ag professional in the ethanol industry, Kyle Samp now farms corn and soybeans in North Central Missouri.

Kyle grows his crop alongside his partner and father, Dale Samp. Kyle holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ag Business from Northwest Missouri State University.

Steve Olson

Plainview, Texas

First-generation farmer Steve Olson is engineering a love for farming and planting a passion for soil health. Steve Olson, along with his wife Cindy, farm in Plainview, Texas. From corn and cotton, to sorghum and sunflowers, Steve constantly works to think outside the box with minimal tillage practices in order to grow a crop in an area of Texas that often seems more like a desert.

Olson has served with the National Cotton Council of America. He’s also a farmer leader with the Farmers Feeding the World program where he works to help sustain agriculture’s ability to meet the vital needs of a growing population through education and advocacy.

Carolyn Raasch

Liberty, Missouri

Carolyn Raasch owns and operates Kansas City’s premier pumpkin patch and education farm with her husband Buddy.

The farm includes approximately 60 acres of pumpkins, corn, soybeans and an additional 20 acres for entertainment and farm fun.

Kelly Garrett

Arion, Iowa

A member of the XtremeAg community of farmers, Kelly Garrett has been farming since 1998. He loves to try new things with the goal of life-long learning and improving. He began drip irrigating his crops in 2013, and by 2016 he had an NCGA contest yield of 290 bushels in the Iowa No-till Irrigated Class.

His goal is to break the current Iowa corn yield record of 446 bushels per acre.

Steve Pitstick

Maple Park, Illinois

Steve Pitstick and his family have been farming the area for more than 100 years and is proud of how far things have come in that time frame. He thinks the operation has made many improvements on the way they do things.

With improved machinery and tillage, he can farm more land with less effort. He loves the way things have progressed now compared to that of just a few decades ago.

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